Our Companies

AccuTec Blades, Inc., Verona, VA

AccuTec Blades, Inc. is the United States' largest producer of high quality razor-edged blades for industrial, medical and professional applications. With manufacturing plants in Verona, VA and Obregon, Mexico, the company provides OEMs, big box retailers and distributors globally with custom blades for a wide variety of applications. FPH acquired AccuTec, a former division of Energizer affiliated with its Schick razorblade business, in August, 2015.

Avista Oil, AG, Dollbergen, Germany

Avista Oil, AG is the world's second largest collector and re-refiner of used motor and lubricating oils, with refineries in Dollbergen, Germany, Kalundborg, Denmark and Peachtree City, Georgia. The company's pan-European and Southeastern US collection operations receive used oil from car dealers, quick lube centers and industrial users of lubricating oils. The waste is then re-refined back into base oil, blended with additives and sold back into retail and industrial markets. MidMark Capital made its first investment in a predecessor to Avista in 2006. The principals of FPH manage the investment in their continuing capacity as general partners of MidMark Investors, L.P.

AVO Carbon Holdings Sarl., Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

AVO Carbon Holdings, Sarl. is the world's largest producer, by volume, of carbon components for electric motors. AVO produces more than one billion carbon brushes annually. In addition, the company manufactures other electrical parts such as inductors, and assembles components for its blue-chip customer base of the world's largest motor OEMs. The company has manufacturing plants in Germany, France, Tunisia, India, Korea, China and Mexico. AVO's products can be found in virtually every automobile manufactured in the world, as well as hand tools, vacuum cleaners and other consumer appliances. The principals of FPH and their MidMark partners Joe Robinson and Wayne Clevenger, together with AVO management, purchased AVO from French conglomerate Carbone Lorraine (now Mersen) in April, 2009.